Upcoming events

Dec 17

Electric Christmas

Playhouse, Vancouver - British Columbia 10:00 pm PST

╪Welcome to KINK Fetish Nights Christmas edition╪

★Electric Christmas★

KINK Fetish Night’s is for all the kinky people of Vancouver! You might be new to the scene or you’ve been around since Velvet Steele’s Body Perve days, either way, this is not an event to be missed! We are a kink-based LGBTQ and STRAIGHT friendly event.

Wait until you see our large outdoor fully covered and heated dungeon with plush seats for observers and those guest that need aftercare. Low lighting for the sexy ambiance and on site DM’s (dungeon monitors) at all times to ensure safe consensual play! Dungeon equipment provided by PLUR Productions and brought to you by Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment!

KINK is held at Club Playhouse Vancouver where we can guarantee security, privacy and a relaxed atmosphere! The music starts early followed by sexy dancing and acts of KINK/BDSM in the dungeon space. You are free to do what you like provided you are performing consensual scenes and dressed according to our strict fetish policy. If you prefer to watch others, dance, drink, socialize then the choice is yours and enjoy!

╪Dj’s and Visuals – All Electronic!
– Cory baker aka DR. WLD & Dj’s Sex Traffic Panda!!

╪Strict Fetish Dress Code with a Christmas twist
• Rubber
• Leather / Pleather
• PVC / Vinyl
• Gothic
• Fetish Glam
• Cyber Erotic
• Kinky Drag